Translucent Plastic Pattern Blocks Set

Translucent Plastic Pattern Blocks Set

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Plastic Pattern Blocks.

These small 2mm thick translucent plastic pattern shapes are great for open ended play. 

The shapes, like the thicker plastic pattern shapes tessellate, so they can be joined together without any gaps to create stunning patterns.

Use for sorting, sequencing, pattern and mosaic making plus due to the translucent style they are excellent for use on a light table!  

These translucent shapes are not as thick as the standard blocks so we would suggest these should be used more carefully.

Recommended age: 3 plus as triangles are possible choking hazard due to size.

Come in packs of 49 split over yellow hexagons, red trapezoids orange squares,  blue parallelograms, green triangles and tan rhombi.

Size of square: 25mm. 

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