Wooden Touch and Match Texture Sensory Board

Wooden Touch and Match Texture Sensory Board

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Touch and Match Texture Board.

The Touch and Match Texture Board is a brilliant multi sensory game and toy.

Identify and match up the different tactile counters with the corresponding textured surface board.

This encourages those that have Tactile Defensiveness to experience different textures and is ideal for people with visual impairments too.

A lovely toy that offers different levels to reward success.

This Touch and Match Texture Board promotes tactile awareness, hand eye coordination and of course motor skills.

Any Age appropriate, this can be used by themselves, on a one-to-one, or in a group participation setting.

The board size is 11 x 27cm and the pots are 4cm in diameter.

Piece size approx 4cm width and 2cm height. 

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