Tongue Twister Snap Sensational Sporting Superstars Family Fun Game

Tongue Twister Snap Sensational Sporting Superstars

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This pocket-sized game consists of a pack of letter cards and is played in the same way as traditional snap, the ‘snap’ happening when two letters match.

It’s not quite as simple as standard snap though, as you can’t simply add the cards to your pile, you have to earn them!

Whoever wins each round has to read a tongue twister from each of the cards they have acquired before the timer runs out.

As well as creating a lot of babbling and probably a good deal of laughter too, the game actually claims to improve speech and encourage literacy skills and reading. 

Supplied with a sand timer.

Great for use within the classroom, at home or on the move - infectious fun learning all the time.

Age 6+ Years
Height 88mm
Width 63mm
Depth 0.35mm

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