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Super Snap Together Cubes, Triangles and Linking Sectors - LilBits Limited

Super Snap Together Cubes, Triangles and Linking Sectors

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Super Snap Cubes, Triangles and Linking Sectors 

Cubes, triangles and sections make up this fun and educational Super Snap Together Shapes set. 

Supplied in assorted bright colours, all of the pieces are made from strong, safe, durable plastics and fit together easily, joining in all directions.

Ideal for the home, childcare setting and classroom, these great shapes allow for creativity, flexibility and encourage children to learn numeration, mathematical operations, patterns, symmetry and rotations.

Great for counting, sorting, measurement and graphing.

Choose between a set size of 360 or 180. 

360 piece set includes 144 squares, 72 triangles, 72 large sections and 72 small sections and comes with a stackable container.

180 piece set includes 72 squares, 36 triangles, 36 large sections and 36 small sections and comes in a grip seal bag.

Ideal for improving dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination. 

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