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Slotago Sets

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The construction set that can be used from age 12 months!

Initially, infants and toddlers will be able to manipulate the large colourful pieces of Slot-a-Go Infant and later, as the childs hand and eye coordination develops do they would be able to use the smaller more specialized blocks of Slot-a-Go Junior.

All pieces from each set are fully compatible with each other.

Simple constructions can be completed in around 5 – 10 mins and a childs satisfaction is never far away.

Both sets come with easy to follow design books. Once completed, designs are easy to pull apart and start anew.


  • Innovative slot construction system

  • Large colourful pieces

  • Easy to pull apart & assemble

  • Simple constructions can be completed in minutes

  • Includes easy to follow design books


Choose from Slotago Infant (52 pieces) or Slotago Junior  (252 Pieces) Pictures of the contents of each set will be added on December 9th to show differences in the sets.

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