Shine Bright Putty Pack

Shine Bright Putty Pack

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Shine Bright Putty ONLY available in this pack! 

Our new Putty Pack is a trio of Hypercolour Thinking Putty inside a clear pouch that’s perfect for summer trips and back to school. It includes MINI tins of Sunburst, Twilight, and Shine Bright, an exclusive new Thinking Putty that changes from teal blue to a light green with play.

Rise & Shine:
Jump start your morning and awaken your mind with Sunburst Thinking Putty. It begins as a sunny orange and warms to a bright lemon burst.

Learn & Play:
Keep your mind sharp and your energy up with Shine Bright Thinking Putty. a smart blue, it changes into a go-getting green as you play.

Rest & Relax:
Wind down with Twilight Thinking Putty. Calming violet purple turns into a soft and tranquil indigo to help you relax into evening.

Suitable for age 3 plus.



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