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Playmags 36 Piece Educational Set

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Playmags 36 Piece Education Set.

This large 36-piece playset arrives with 18 window tiles to get started on their imagination and learning journeys.

For a unique educational spin, each kit arrives with 18 “click in” tiles displaying a variety of numbers and letters.

Junior architects simply pop in their choice of clickins for entertaining spelling and counting practice.

Whether working with a group or just in a one, Playmags help you transform play time into a totally instructive experience!

what you get in this set is 18 x clear color magnet window tiles and 18 x colorful ABC & number click-ins now this is educational instruction that’s endlessly entertaining!

The magnetic Playmags tiles are very easily connect which prompts anyone moving from constructing 2D to 3D creations.

Build and develop the tools for problem-solving tasks, logical thinking and math reasoning.

It’s pleasing and enjoyable for kids ages 3+ for hours and hours of open ended play!!!

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