Play Prompts - Outdoor
Play Prompts - Outdoor
Play Prompts - Outdoor
Play Prompts - Outdoor
Play Prompts - Outdoor

Play Prompts - Outdoor

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Outdoor Play Prompts by Playhorray! 

Wanna make life a little easier? Take the pressure off when you have lots going on!  These cards can help when your mind is blank and you want some play ideas!


Outdoor playPROMPTS
Quick and easy activity ideas to encourage fresh air and fun

Getting our little ones out in the fresh air is so important, yet how many times have you found yourself stuck inside because you’re not quite sure how to keep them entertained outdoors? Stress no longer! These carefully designed outdoor playPROMPTS have been put together to make outdoors fun super simple, allowing you to set-up an irresistible invitation to play in minutes.

Expect a mix of sensory, exploratory, creative, messy and imaginative activities for all types of weather and outdoor spaces.

Guaranteed to keep your kids captivated while outside, these prompts only ever require additional resources you’ll already have at home - or can easily pick up from a pound shop.

Pull out a card, pick-up the relevant materials you have to hand and watch as your child gets heavily engrossed in development boosting play. The perfect opportunity to enjoy that hot cup of tea or to get stuck in and have fun too!

A lovely pack for children who love being outside but need a little extra encouragement to fully enjoy the world of outdoor play.

    • Each outdoor playPROMPTS pack contains 100 play ideas on colourful cards along with a short intro on how to use them. T
    • Comes in a matchbox style cardboard box. Both box and cards are printed on FSC certified paper in Bristol, UK.
    • Makes a wonderful birthday present, goody bag gift or stocking filler.


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