Play Prompts - Baby
Play Prompts - Baby
Play Prompts - Baby
Play Prompts - Baby

Play Prompts - Baby

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Play Prompts for Baby by Playhorray! 

Wanna make life a little easier? Take the pressure off when you have lots going on!  These cards can help when your mind is blank and you want some play ideas!

baby playPROMPTS
100 pack of play ideas and activities for baby and toddler

Stuck for ideas on how to keep your baby safely entertained? Grab a few minutes peace and take in those cheeky grins with a pack of first year playPROMPTS. This handy pack of play ideas includes 100 ways to stimulate your baby or toddler in their first year – all fuss-free, quick to set-up, and loads of fun!

Each of the first year playPROMPTs has been designed to support your child’s physical and cognitive development while being simple to carry out with items from around your home (or things that can be picked up at a local pound shop).

Play needn’t feel like a chore, but I know thinking up what to do next can take the fun out of getting started – not anymore! Pick a card at random and within a minute you’ll be trying something new, without the headache.

This pack of baby and toddler play ideas features a mix of messy, sensory, and outdoor activities to help you bond with your baby. Ideal for babies from a few weeks to one year old.

Makes a lovely baby shower gift or pre-emptive treat for expectant parents. 

Each pack of first year playPROMPTS contains:

        • 100 first year play ideas on colourful cards
        • A short introduction to PlayPROMPTS
        • Comes in a matchbox style box. Both Box and cards are printed on FSC certified paper in Bristol UK. 

Suitable for newborn babies to 12 months and over


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