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My Week is Bright Daily Planner
My Week is Bright Daily Planner

My Week is Bright Daily Planner

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Get planning your week on paper and stop keeping everything in your head! 

I have been using a weekly planner like this and I find it so great to have a visual plan of my week and each day!  I add the meals I have planned and my important 'I am going to do today things' any events or childcare arrangements and can see where we have spare time or days to plan something fun!  I keep mine in sight in a book holder so I can add to it and tick it off as I need too!  

Its bright and helps me get everything out of my head!  I never use a diary or ever remember to carry one around with me so this is the next best thing for me!  I transfer any big events from my calender each week and then use this as I need to!

This would make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who has planned to be more organised and who likes to use paper and not their phone (mine is always on silent so it doesnt matter if I set reminders for anything)

So whether it is to help plan your work activities, plan your small business or keep your family running smoothly this is a great book for the whole year!  

This could also be great for an older child to arrange home work or their schedule (as most of the time they have more going on than us!) Like my eldest who is ten has been making her own calendars and plan charts so this would be great for her to use! 



Everyone suits something different this works well for me as its large and I can fit a lot into each day and add notes at the top for the week, its like a nice to do list organised ready for your input! 

A4 pad size.  Starts at the end of Dec and runs for the whole year so grab one asap!

Lets get organised for 2020!

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