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Mental Maths 2 Key Stage 2 Over 200 Sums

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Mental Maths 2 Key Stage 2 Over 200 Sums.

Make learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide even more fun with the ZooBooKoo Mental Maths Book 2, with 'magic' heat sensitive ink!

The booklet comes supplied with 8 pages which are double-sided, reusable, write on/wipe off and include over 200 sums great for children aged between 8 and 11 (Key Stage Two).

Included within the 200 sums are adding, subtracting and division sums along with all KS2 multiplication tables.

That isn't the best of it though!

Children can work their way through the sums, writing the answer with the dry wipe pen.

Once they have finished answering all of the questions they can use their finger to rub the 'magic' boxes to reveal the answers!

Once the answer has been revealed it will stay visible for 4 minutes before disappearing again.

Supplied with a dry wipe pen and sturdy, hard backing tray to lean on it is great for on the go.

The ZooBooKoo Mental Maths Book 2 supports and complements the National Curriculum for Numeracy Key Stage Two.

The ZooBooKoo Secret Scholar range includes wipe-clean literacy and numeracy practice sheets.

Choose from two skill levels to learn important Key Stage One words.

Or, practice mental arithmetic with our secret decoder packs.

Great for use in the classroom, at home or on the move - infectious fun learning all of the time.

Age 8+ Years

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