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Quercetti - Magnetic letters and number learning set

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Quercetti large magentic board and accessory set! 

This large set comes with carry case and lid which also trebles up as a magnetic board, blackboard and white board!

Comes with magnetic letters, numbers and maths symbols, pack of chalk, sponge and white board marker!

The set also comes with cards which show letters of the alphabet and words that begin with that letter plus how that word is pronounced in other countries

There are also cards showing example sums to do and picture cards for counting items from one to ten!

Small magnets can be stuck to the cards to use them on the board too!

Due to small parts and very small magnets which are within the letters and numbers and to use with the  cards this is not suitable for use with small children under the age of three and adult supervision would be required at all times. 



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