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Lilbits Sensory Tube Magnet and Rice Exploratory Set

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We love putting resources together and so we have put together some of our favourite ones so that all ages and abilities can experience them!

This sensory tube set comes with what you will need to create a Rice and Magnet Sensory Tube so that you can show little ones how magnets work and provide them with a focus and concentration activity without all the pieces being open to touch and mouth!

Children love the instant gratification that comes from playing with these resources and enjoy hiding and finding the chips over and over again!

These are also very relaxing to play with and could be used as a calm down resource or to regain some focus.  Even adults like playing with these!

The set includes:

1 x Sensory Tube (with additional vented lid)

1 x Magnet Wand

25 x Metal Counting Chips

400g Rainbow Sensory Rice

Here is the tube in action!

Please note that the sensory tubes are screw tops and these are difficult for small hands to remove but these types of resources and activities should always have adult supervision at all times and the pieces are not suitable for children under 3 to have unsupervised.

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