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Large Marble Run
Large Marble Run

Large Marble Run

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74 Piece Marble Run

This brilliant brightly coloured plastic marble run set comes with 74 plastic pieces in a variety of bright colours which make this such an engaging product!

The chutes and slides in this set attach and build a variety of impressive marble runs, with three shutter release top sections and five bases for each marble to finish in.

The set also includes an inverted loop, spiral, spinning wheel and a number of other interesting connecting run sections.

The packaging has been cleverly designed so that it can sit on a shelf and look good in a vertical or horizontal orientation for your convenience.

  • 74-piece marble run set
  • Hundreds of combinations
  • Chutes, slides, a spiral, inverted loop, wheel and other sections
  • Three shutter release top sections
  • Five collection bases
  • Display box can sit in vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Box 37cm wide
  • Ages 5+

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