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Holiday Themed Crazy Aaron Thinking Putties


Crazy Aaron have brought us some new christmas themed putties! 

Choose from:


Evergreen is a forest green putty with a hint of snowy sparkle. This scented putty smells just like a frosty pine tree!


Ornament is a deep, shining red with golden glitter shimmering throughout. It includes a hangtag so you can hang it right on the tree!

ICICLE, 5cm Tin

Icicle is a glimmering light blue putty infused with icy shine. A reissue of a 2002 favourite, it glows light blue in the dark and comes in awesome "throwback" packaging!

GELT, 5cm Tin
Gelt Thinking Putty is a fun take on the traditional Hanukkah gift. Made with a sprinkling of real 24K gold, this mini version is perfect for giving!

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