Sensory Glitter Waterball Light - Lilbits Limited
Glitter Waterball Sensory Lamp
Glitter Waterball Sensory Lamp

Glitter Waterball Sensory Lamp

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Sensory Glitter Waterball light

Beautiful mesmerising swarms of glitter swirl around the inside of this water ball lamp lit with colour change light that captures the imagination!
The combination of large sparkling glitter pieces and colour change LEDs make a beautifully hypnotic mood light that soothes the senses with it's captivating motion making it ideal for relaxation and visual stimulation.
This engaging light can be placed anywhere and  it's just the right size for table tops and sensory environments.
  • Glitter waterball lamp
  • Mesmerising sensory lighting
  • Colour change LEDs
  • Large silver glitter pieces
  • Swirling glitter storm action

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