Foam Earth Stress Ball - LilBits Limited
Foam Earth Stress Ball - LilBits Limited

Foam Earth Stress Ball

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Have the whole world in your hands! 

This palm-sized globe is made of bouncy, squeezable foam. Neighbouring countries are marked in different colours, larger territories are clearly labelled and even the international dateline features.

We have been filling our own home with globes, maps and flags and this seemed like a perfect addition to our product range!  The youngest gets to have a look at a globe while his big sisters learn about the world! 
This could also be ideal for children who are studying geography as it can be taken out and about and in school bags due to its size!
Our suppliers design manager took the ball around the world with him and said "Ideal for my recent swift trip round the world. Not only did it work as a perfect pocket guide to show exactly where in the world we were at any given time, but it also worked as a stress ball whilst on the plane, and as something to bounce/throw/catch whist waiting around in the airports"
  • Colour-defined countries
  • Large territories labelled
  • International dateline
  • Lightweight foam
  • Ideal to use as a Stress ball
  • 7cm
  • Please note that this ball is made of foam and should not be left with children under the age of 3 without close adult supervision as if bitten there is a danger that they can bite through the ball and cause choking hazard. 

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