Crackle Baff Colours
Crackle Baff Colours
Crackle Baff Colours

Crackle Baff Colours

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Make your bath water crackle, pop AND change colour!

Zimpli Kids have improved the crackle baff so not only does it make the water pop and crackle it changes the colour of the water, so once the noise has stopped the bath or water play can still be fun!

Each pack of crackle baff comes with three different colours, Red, Blue and Yellow! 

This product is great to make bath times fun and also as a sensory resource for water play!  Get them excited by the sound the water makes when the crackle hits and watch it change colour and then play!  

Non toxic, safe on skin and stain free easy to clean from the bath

Drain down water as normal.

Choose from 

Foil Pack - Mystery Colour - One bath

30g Pack - 3 bath pack - 3 colour sachets

60g Pack - 6 bath pack - 2 x 3 colour sachets


Age 3 plus

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