Colossal Buttons By Creation Station

Colossal Buttons By Creation Station

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Play and Discover Bumper Pack of 120 Colossal Buttons for Sorting and Threading

A pack of large different shape and colour buttons with matching threading laces!

You could use these for variuos play set ups including these simple ideas which are great for awhole range of ages depending on developmental stage and ability. 

Learning Colours Sort the buttons by colour.

Match the Shape Make a pile of buttons and sort them by shape. Learning to Count Make a small pile of Colossal Buttons. Help your child to count the total number of pieces, the number of each colour, or the number of each shape.

Matching the Pattern Pattern matching is used in Early Years maths teaching. Lay or thread several different shapes in a row and ask the child to copy the sequence.

Improve Dexterity Children need to learn to control small movements of hands and fingers. Threading the buttons is excellent practice.


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