Classic World Multi Activity Blocks - LilBits Limited
Classic World Multi Activity Blocks - LilBits Limited

Classic World Multi Activity Blocks

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Multi Activity Building Blocks

Classic World have a straight forward philosophy, 'Happy Playing, Happy Learning!' Which we think suits the Lilbit's ethos and that of our customers!

Building blocks assist children in developing their motor skills and enhance problem solving, imagination and creativity. Building with others also teaches cooperation and develops social skills. 

These blocks work really well in all these areas as with 100 blocks split over 13 different shapes in various sizes and lots of lovely colours these are a great resource for using imagination while learning!

The set also comes with some amazing pattern and building cards for children to follow in three stages, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so they can build on the skills they are learning through play and also make their own buildings, patterns and creations! 

The blocks also have pictures of animals which can be made up like a jigsaw of a lion, panda, zebra, giraffe! Plus the alphabet, numbers and number operations too!  This is just an unbelievably versatile set with endless opportunities for play! 

From building towers and knocking them down to using the draw string bag to play "whats in the bag" and games it really is an amazing set! 

You will not get better for this price!  These normally retail at £27.99 but not with Lilbits!

Blocks come in a large cardboard storage box

Suitable for 12 months plus

Natural Wood

Hand Crafted

Made with love!



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