Braillephun Lower Case Letters Set

Braillephun Lower Case Letters Set

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Braillephun Lower Case Letter Blocks

Ensure all children enjoy the learning process with the Morphun Braillephun Lowercase Letters Set, designed for children, and adults, who are blind or partially sighted or for those learning to read Braille. This educational set features our familiar side-joining bricks, with letters a to z printed underneath transparent Braille signs so activities and games can be shared with sighted players. Players can make simple words and crosswords and improve their vocabulary all whilst having fun.

The Braillephun sets have been developed with some kind help and checking from many sources, including the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London. This fun, educational set is a great way to develop vocabulary, fine motor skills, problem solving and basic literacy. Supplied in a bag allowing for easy storage once playtime is over. Morphun square bricks are compatible with traditional plastic bricks.

Morphun sets support the National Curriculum and STEM education.

Includes 81 pieces. Comes with Storage Bag.

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