batman themed black slime play at lilbits
Batman Black Slime Play

Batman Black Slime Play

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Slime Play with a difference!  This is BLACK and mega cool!

The Slime Play range truly does bring new experiences to messy play by exploring new processes and textures, children can enjoy playing with slime whilst learning about texture and consistency at the same time. 

These products are 100% safe on skin, made in the UK and non toxic. There’s also no need to worry about staining skin, carpets, clothes or bath tubs, as all Zimpli Kids products are stain free! 

Want your very own bowl of oozy, gloopy Slime? Turn water to Slime with our super Slime Powder... feel how squishy and slimy it is!

Add Slime Play powder to water to create thick gunky Slime! ​Just add more water to dilute the Slime before draining.  We recommend adding the water slowly to the powder to allow the children to explore the different consistencies of the slime, try t thick and then add more water!  With slime play the more you play with it the slimer it becomes too!

Suitable for ages 3 plus.

65g of slime powder.

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