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My First Sensory Set

My First Sensory Set


Lilbits First Sensory Set includes:

This sensory starter pack includes:

The glitter ball when rolled or shaken they sparkle, shine and lil ones can watch the glitter fall keeping them calm and mesmerized, they're also great when lights are off and torch placed by them!

Flashing bouncing ball for use in the dark, plus the ball is irregular shaped so it doesn't bounce the same way each time 

The Mirror for exploring expressions and their faces.

Organza sheet for peekabo, being underneath and feeling the silky sensation on their skin.

The colour paddles for viewing the world through different colours and stimulating the brain and senses


A calming bubble timer which is great visually and a fab size for lil hands.

Mystery Sensory Ball - A large stainless steel mirrored ball which is cool to the touch and babies and toddlers love to crawl after and explore the sounds and movement.  Small children are like magpies and these balls are always a winner and are made for children so are robust but not too heavy  

Please note photos are being updated so not all of the products included are shown in the current image x

*Choice between the Handheld or Foam surround mirror is upon request and subject to stock.

All items subject to change regarding stock availability. 

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