Affordable Resource Company

We know how expensive Lilbits and pieces can be very costly, so we will always make sure our products are affordable for everyone with absolutely no hidden costs! 

In addition, we know how expensive large sets of items can be and sometimes we do not need to be buying in such large quantities if there is only one child/adult needing them or the budget does not reach to a full set, so where we can we split all packs up into smaller quantities so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase the fantastic resources available!

AND to make purchasing the Lilbits you would like even easier we also have our payment plan scheme 'A LILBIT AT A TIME' available for anyone would would like to use it! 

All you need to do is place your order  online and select the option 'Lilbit at a time payment plan' and we will contact you on the details provided at checkout to work out the instalments and time frame as whether it is a couple of weeks or a few months we want to make buying the items you want more affordable! 

The only additional cost added is a £5.00 admin fee to cover the processing of the instalments and additional paperwork required due to the plan.

The items are reserved for you from the date of the first payment and are then dispatched to you the day the final installment is made!   

Please note this is not a credit agreement, payment of all items must be received before the items are sent out x

We have been running this successfully since September 2016 and the plan has been used by parents, care settings and even to provide equipment to a new activity centre! 

Just drop us a message if you want to know more xx Sam and Sam