Happy Mood Clothing and Accessories

When I was younger I always brought bold bright prints for my clothing, it brought me confidence and made me feel happy...over the years I lost that and went for plain and boring...especially since the birth of my two youngest children! 

I found alot of the clothes that had something special or colourful about them were aimed at pre pregnancy bodies or I found them uncomfortable due to the changes in my body after two c sections and three pregnancies! 

Regaining my flair for the bold and beautiful whilst remaining comfy was key as I reached my forties and when I discovered comfy bright leggings and slouchy fun tops I put two and two together and felt myself again! 


Regular Size fits ladies 6/8 - 12

Our Next Size up Curves suit sizes 14 - 16/18.

The Happy Mood Clothing is inspired by the need to be comfy and at the same time fun and bold and beautiful.

Due to the coronavirus issue we have not been able to add all the items we would want, but we have made a start!  Free shipping is available on all items and more clothing and accessories will be added during the coming months.

This is all about affordable bright and beautiful things for mummies, tweens and teens! 

Childrens leggings will be added shortly.