Fidget, Fiddle and Focus Resources

We LOVE fidget resources here at Lilbits, mainly because both of us have constant fidgeting habits ourselves (as does our seven year old)  with both of us always having the need to be "doing something" or requiring something to help calm and refocus!  

We have found a range of products which have helped with this and that also have been said to help various issues surrounding concentration and focus as well as anxiety and stress.  

There are many articles published about the use of fidget toys and here is one from the Huffington Post which touches on our need to do something  because of boredom and why using a fidget toy may be better for our mental health than scrolling through our phones! 

But as with anything, each product will be suitable for different individuals depending on their age, likes, abilities and of course their own needs x Have a look and see which one takes your fancy xx 

Sam and Sam x  

p.s. (Mr Sam favours the mini Springy at work and Mrs Sam prefers the Super Oil Slick Putty!)