Beautiful Disaster

As a family we are starting to delve into self care, happiness and positivity!  For me I suffer with anxiety which heightened more and more as I became mum to three children and for my eldest daughter who is navigating growing up in a world changing daily while battling her own hormonal changes! 

Myself and Erin wanted to add a range which focused more on mummies and teen upwards with products that may cheer people up, help them with self care and wellness and aids that might assist with anxiety and stress.

This range will be growing through 2020 (due to the delays caused by Coronavirus) but we have managed to get going with it during lockdown.

The range will be split over Happy Mood Clothing and Resources, products to make you smile and resources to help with being calm and coping with the stresses of life and growing up.

So watch this space as this range grows and while you grab some items from Lilbits for your little ones, you can also treat yourself!   If your anything like me, I never treat myself to something just for me! 

 Sam and Erin xx