Working with a new baby........(plus the other two..... and the husband...)

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Life of a working mum....and dad...and children and newborn...

So, its has been a roller coaster of a month!  Lilbear is now a month old (or five weeks if we are doing that...I am more of a "he's one year old" not  hes 12 months type of mum as I cannot keep count of weeks...I never really knew how many weeks pregnant I was most of the time during this last pregnancy - it happens after your first you cant help it!).  

I am on maternity leave now and am pretty much just in charge of being mum and looking after the kids and the house...and the social media and trying to think of play ideas to keep them entertained.  I think most of the time I manage a couple of those things each day and the kids are still alive and have pretty much eaten most days so things cant be that bad!

I tell you one thing though, I have the upmost respect for anyone who has children,  works and runs the house smoothly and actually physically gets everyone out of the house for school runs or activities....a month on from having lilbear and I think we have managed this once and in all fairness it didn't do me much good due to the c-section recovery and I was told to go back to resting (resting - this is a silly word to say to anyone with children of any quantity or age - its impossible and just makes us all cross and feel like other mums are managing to rest while having kids - they are not we are all knackered) is being managed mainly by the hubby and he has been doing a wonderful job of managing the orders and communications and is currently re stocking the shop this week and finding lots of new resources to bring in this year (hes very good at that - in 2016 he told me to buy in some silly toy called a fidget spinner as he thought they would be big in which I replied...that will never catch on.........roll on last summer and we didnt have any lol).  If there is anything you are not sure about or need to speak to us about do not hesitate to email or call as one of us will be around to help!

We have slowly started to get back in to a routine after moving house and the girls are settling in so we have been able to start using our new playroom and get out all the resources and I have even managed to get some on camera to share to show how they can be used! Like this one of Lilbird playing with our pieces of wood!

Then there is my tired brain which gives them lots of fun items to play with and then adds water and then gold glitter and doesn't really think it through completely and then there is glitter ALL over the house!  Glitter really should be supervised but it does make excellent potion when using the clear potion bottles 

 So we are excited about 2018 and what it will bring...its been a crazy two years since starting this business with two new additions and a house move so lets see what this year will bring!!


Sam, Sam, Lilbit, Lilbird and finally Lilbear xx

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