Why we Sacked my hermes!

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So as you all may already know I love to do videos for our business! I like to connect with our customers and the best way to do that is live videos where I can interact with you and answer any questions directly and hopefully explain lots about us and our products and services as I go!

I recently went "live" to explain we have changed courier company and removed My Hermes from our lives! 

I wont ramble on about all the issues we have had with Myhermes on this blog as I think this video more than sums it up!

This has been a decision we have not taken lightly as it has meant that one of our shipping costs has gone up slightly from £2.89 to £3.59 but this means it is a tracked 48 hour service from date of dispatch and we have the trusted Royal Mail postmen and women dealing with our parcels from collection to your door!  Good news is we have introduced a low shipping cost of £2.59 for orders £6 and under and all of our larger parcels will now cost no more than £4.99 with the same 48 hour tracked service!  So you can order up to £99 worth of goods and not pay more than £4.99 for a 48 hour delivery service OR you can purchase £100 or more and get completely FREE shipping!  So its a win win for everyone we hope! 

(please note we do still have the option for next day delivery for orders placed before 1pm at a cost of £6.99)

Anyway, hope you are all pleased with our decision and for anyone who was put off by the fact we used Myhermes hopefully this will ensure you that we are 100% focused on providing the customer service we expect when we make a purchase!


Sam x


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  • Send a Sloth on

    Great video Sam, we have a small gift store called sendasloth.co.uk that uses Hermes and the points you raise are right on with the concerns we have.

    Since making this video do you still believe you made the right decision?

  • James Zicrov on

    The job of a parcel delivery company is such that it is bound to subject to delays.I have read this article and i won’t comment about whether it was right or not to discontinue services of Hermes but i want to say that if there occurs any kind of disruption and delays you can resort to 24-7 Helpline a company which has details of customer care services of all type of institutions.

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