Why Lilbits? Why are we different?

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So many of you may or may not know that the staff of Lilbits consist of myself (Sam) my husband (Sam), and our two lilgirls Lilbit and Lilbird aged 7 and 1 (the one year old who is currently next to me hitting all the keys on the keyboard as I type, so this has taken writing this short paragraph around five minutes instead of 30 seconds! - who ever said never work with children and animals, had a point!)

The business was originally set up as sensory and music with movement sessions for children, due to my background as a childminder and previous work in nurseries and just plainly because its where our passion lies - our children and having fun!

The Lilbits you see now, came about after seeing how inaccessible some of the items we were buying in would be for our play session customers and how generally it is deemed 'normal' for anything classed for "education" or "sensory" activities to be priced out of what we would call a normal play budget! 

So Lilbits was created, we started at small events and slowly over a period of months established an online shop which we couldn't be more prouder of!

So...what makes us different

At first we used the words educational and sensory in our business description and to describe our product range!  BUT I have come to realise that those two words are too widely used and majority of companies feel that they can add hefty price tags onto items just because they fall into these types of areas!

Educational and Sensory have their place when speaking about play and the sort of resources people are seeking, however the words can mean something different to each individual as everything in some sense is educational and everything can be sensory to different people for different reasons, it depends on age, ability and whether there is any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to take into account, and even then any child or adult with SEND will have their own take on what is sensory or educational (and fun) for them...Lets face it, we ALL have varied sensory needs and we all learn and play in our own way, not every person is going to want or need the same resources!

So taking this into account here is how we would describe Lilbits and what we aim to do;

Resources to create memories through imagination, fun and discovery,

Helping to create engaging and stimulating environment for everyone;  happy content children when playing = happy content adults who are more inclined to join in with the fun! 

The majority of our products are open ended and children are able to decide what they do with the resource and to be fair, most children have their own way for playing with everything, some will think so completely outside of the box and they can give adults a surprise!

Everything we sell we think is awesome!  We do not buy in anything we feel is 'tat' and pass it off as sensory, we are honest and if we think that something is rubbish we tell you and try and create something better!  Like the sensory ball set and our video being mugged off and we would always say to everyone it doesn't matter if something has the tag 'created by professionals' and is classed as 'Sensory' please make sure you check out the content before purchasing! 

We break packs down!  When we were running our sessions, stocking up on good quality open ended play resources to suit a range of ages was SO EXPENSIVE!  We had to buy packs of 16 of these and packs of 120 of this when to be honest we didn't need that quantity but had no other choice!  Its the same for families, small childcare settings or larger settings on a budget - we therefore give the option to buy majority of our products is various quantities which make them affordable and accessible to everyone who wants or needs them, with a view that if you needed to you can always buy more, whereas if you buy a massive set you are stuck with them even if they do not get played with enough! (less is more sometimes - too much of one thing can be overwhelming and lets face it boring)

Sensory rice and magent set with scissor scooper


We will work with families and settings no mater the size to find the right package for you and we have already started to put together our own play sets which will give a selection of different items for the cost of buying one large set of one resource!

We have worked with large settings just setting up and providing the types of equipment they want at reduced prices and this can be done over all types of settings from small playgroups to schools looking to refresh their equipment!

Why would you use us?   We are who you see on our social media, we are husband, wife / mum and dad and our children and family and customers let us know what they think of our products and we listen!  We strive to provide excellent customer service and treat everyone as we would expect to be treated as a buyer!

We always endeavor to deal with any issues for you immediately and have great relationships with our suppliers which assists with resolving any problems (which we rarely come across). 

Soooo, now you know who we are, make sure you keep track of our facebook page Lilbits and if you want why not join our Facebook group Lilbits of play!

Bedtime on the farm invitation to play tuff tray idea from customer


We love ides and feedback from customers and followers, just like this fabulous invitation to play using our Green Sensory Rice.... so please get involved! 

Inspiration is key!  Sometimes just seeing a post or hearing an idea about play will help so many people be inspired to try something new! 




Lilbit Tip:  If you are scared of messy play but know it would be good for your lilone, find a friend who loves to do it and make a play date!  Then they get the mess! (and for anyone thinking this is really cheeky...I was the friend who loved it and I didn't mind!) xxxx Sam xxxx

Counting abacus learing toyZebra Wall Toy



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