When the world sends rain....jump in the puddles!


Getting out an about no matter what the weather has proven to be good for us all this week! 

Because the weather is so up and down I have decided we are going out whatever the weather forecast and over the last few days this has reduced my anxiety for being home all day and going stir crazy and has been great for the kids wellbeing!  As they LOVE the outdoors and never mind the weather around them!

I can see also, that once they have had some time outdoors whether it has been a walk finding puddles, a park visit, a walk in the woods or a visit to a local beauty spot, home life can then be alot calmer!  Which is great for us all! 

So if you feel like the walls are closing in with all this horrible weather my advice is if you can, go out! Even a walk to Tesco in the rain was great fun when we stopped worrying about getting wet!  One walk to Tesco also showed me that no matter what things look like children can be inspired and intrigued!  Attlcus spent five minutes staring and touching a broken and rusted part of a building which had rain pouring down like a mini waterfall! That one moment amazingly made me realise that I do not need to clean and tidy the house before every activity I set up, the children will only see the fun and play they can have and its me that worries about the small things like toys on the floor or washing up that needs to be done! 

So I am worrying less and playing a bit more and we have coats and wellies ready for the summer and are just hoping that we get some sunshine at some point soon!


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Sam, Sam, Lilbit, Lilbear and Lilbird xx

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