There's a Lilbit of everything in this weeks Lilbits of the Internet

Its Friday and its been a busy week at Lilbits HQ but we have still had time to find some video greats from the internet which we think you will enjoy! 

Bat Dad - We love him and here is a new compilation!!

So when I saw this it made me think of my own kids and what they would do if someone asked them how I drive!!!  I always remember my daughter calling someone a D**kh**d when she was two after he cut me up after witnessing my dad using the word when he had a difficult driving experience with her in the car!!

AWWWW - I just love this video!  I love how the little one takes all the instructions completely literally and is jumping up and down and tapping it with his hands but also the determination that he is going to get there in the end and the patience of the teacher to get him to the result he wants!!!


And finally my poor mother in law who my husband antagonises on a regular basis bless her!

Have a good weekend everyone 

Sam xx


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