So schools out For....EVER!

So...I said recently we had some big news and this is it!

Today was the first day of our journey into home schooling!

We have been researching home schooling for years and it is something I have always been on the brink if doing with Lilbit but life kept getting in the way!

So after a lot of hard work and getting the business and our family to where we felt we needed to be, we have finally been able to bite the bullet and deregister Lilbit from school!  Its scary and exciting and we have no idea what will happen but we felt if we did not do it now we would never do it!

I have had no plans to put my youngest two into schools and I felt it was unfair for Lilbit not to experience home ed as well... We consulted her and the school and felt now was the right time and she is happy as its something we have discussed for a good number of years.

We started out a little bit different to how we thought as Lilbird has the chicken pox but me and Lilbit still managed to visit a home education group local to us today where she met other children of various ages and who in fact all put on a circus show for us adults so I was glad she had such a positive first meeting and she really enjoyed expressing herself in a completely different way than she would have if she had been in school.

We have lots of plans for what we want to do and I am sure as other home educating families have found, the plans will most probably change!

What this news means for our customers is that we will be providing a blog about our progress through play and learning weekly on our website and through our Lilbits of play group on Facebook and we will be looking at adding more resources for older children with the help from our very own lilbit as we teach her about life and the world!

But overall nothing will be changing  for ourr customers and your experience when shopping with us will remain the same............

 I may just be getting grey hair earlier than I planned!!

There are many reasons why we decided to take this route and there have been a lot of questions from family and friends and my dad has joked he is coming to get her to take her to school (I don't think he is joking though) but that's all for another post, another time.... 

It would be great to hear from any other home educators about their experiences and any hints and tips for our future xx 

Sam xx        

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  • Dawn Canham on

    Good luck:) I have three daughters ranging from nearly 28 to 16. I have been home educating for 21 years ,it’s been a brilliant journey and I don’t have a moments regret, my oldest two daughters plan to educate my little grandchildren which is brilliant. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me. Most of all just enjoy because the years go so fast even having them with you all day everyday:))))

  • Mell on

    I commented on your Facebook post. Seriously welcome to the wonderful world of home ed 😉. My family still question my decision 5 years in. That’s ok, it’s not for everyone. You will definitely have many changes of plans with regards to what your doing on certain days. That’s the beauty there are no rules. Wishing you every success and happiness on your journey xx

  • Karen on

    You’ve made a wonderful decision!
    I home schooled for a year before reluctantly having to let my little one back to school (a different one) because he asked to. But he got masses out of that year, we learnt Latin and recorder at his request and spent most the time outdoors. Great fun and one of the happiest years of parenting I have been lucky enough to experience. Go for it :-) Xxx

  • Sue on

    Oh wow! Good luck I am sure it will be brilliant, look forward to hearing how it’s going

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