Probably the MOST excited I have been EVER!

OK OK, maybe not the most excited I have been EVER, as I probably should put the birth of my children and my wedding before it BUT....STILL...this come close..

We are opening a SHOP an actual SHOP as well as our established online business... we have spent all weekend moving in and getting it sorted and we still have a way to go but are hoping to open the doors middle of this week!

This moment has been a long time coming and to be honest we did not think we would have achieved it this year, as to be honest, with the new baby in January and the fact he is only breastfed and the other unit being not very child / baby friendly it meant that hubby has been running the online business by himself for most of the year!  Its been a hard year but we have kept on going and finally achieved to move into the most perfect place for both our retail and online businesses! Plus much more child friendly so I can go to work!!! This is massive as I literally have lost part of myself while being at home daily without working so finally I feel like I am getting part of myself back....I may even get my hair cut and stop wearing these ridiculous hair bands lol 

Anyway, for those people local to us, and for those who have supported us while we have been getting off the ground, here is where the new shop is! The grand opening will be arranged once everything is in place but if you see us with the shutters open then you know we wont turn you away even if it isnt ready!


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  • NK on

    Your joy and enthusiasm is infectious… Well done and may it long flourish! :)

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