Our own Lilbit has her own ideas of what we should sell

We have set up a project for Lilbit to help her understand what we do!

So Lilbit has been home schooled now for only three weeks and with the summer holidays coming up and the weather being the best it has been in years we are not starting any formal learning until September BUT there is learning in everything she does so over the next few weeks Lilbit is going to be adding products to our website which she thinks are great for her age and great for play and learning!

She has already picked out and ordered the products she wants to start with, calculated the profit and worked out how she would like to market them so we are helping her along the way!

The first one she wanted to review was the Discovery Channel Soap Lab and to be fair it was pretty cool and just right for her age range (and that of our neighbours daughter who is 10 and came and had a go at soap making with us earlier)

We do not get a chance to do very much together one our own without one of the youbger children having to be around, so when we had an hour this afternoon we took it!  And we videoed it for her vlog (part of her marketing strategy)! And I promised I would share it on here too!

She did a great job making the soap and the house smelled lovely while we did it!  In addition to making the soap the information booklet it comes with is really good and gives lots of insight into solid and liquid matter, why we have soap and how it is made.

I think she has made a great pick with this for children who love to create and make nice things! I know she really enjoyed it and so did I!  You forget sometimes how nice it is just to sit and play together without worrying about the housework and work etc!

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