Home Made Play Dough....No cook...Last months...Easy Peasy

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A Fantastic No Cook PLaydough which works every time

We have lots of new items being added including modelling tools, cutters and rollers!  and for those who would like wooden items we have some wonderful wooden rolling pins with different textures!!

I thought as we have these items online now we should also share the easiest most fabulous way of making home made play dough!  We find that if this is kept in an airtight container between playing it can last up to six months (in larger childcare settings I would think it would not last as long due to lots of snot and things being added lol but for the home it is defo one that can last!)

Here is the video I made a very long time ago which shows step by step how to make it, it is super quick, you can whip up a batch in under five minutes xx


 To add to the sensory element of playing with the dough, add a few drops of essential oils to it as you knead it and create a super experience! We love Lavender as its so relaxing!

Purple Lavender Playdough   Ice Blue Peppermint

Creating a sea with playdough

sea of playdough

Mixing it up and not caring!  Do not worry about children mixing play dough colours its all part of the process!  And if they end up with a brown playdough they have been taught a lesson in colour mixing and they will probablt change up their play to incorporate the change of colour!

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